Saturday, March 30, 2013

After A Day Off We March On - And A Streak is Broken

Another weekend and another missed post. It does seem that the only thing bigger than this project is work.  Pesky, pesky work.  Blogging was much easier this time last year when I didn’t have a job to cut into my writing time.  Of course, I had no money and I’m sure I wasn’t the Duchess’ favorite person at the time (although to her credit she still married me). 

So we march on to the second half of the box.

Matt Garza – Oh Mr. Garza you are such the pitching enigma. No hit stuff one night (July 26, 2010) or barely get past the sixth the night before (July 20th, 2010). He’s a free agent after this season so it will be interesting to see if the Cubs re-sign him as part of the rebuild project or trade him for new pieces. 

Quintin Berry – Not to be confused with Quinton McCracken (although they were both outfielders).

White Sox Prospects – I bet my buddy Clarence, the biggest White Sox meathead I know, could barely name these two guys. Thing you find out when you look people up on the internet – Heath was suspended while with the Braves organization for clicking on an online prostitution advertisement. Kids and their money! 

Rafael Soriano – He stepped in for an injured Mariano Rivera last season and had a pretty good year as a closer with 42 saves. Which came as at a great time as he turned that solid season into a two-year $28 million contract with the Washington Nationals. Why teams continue to overpay for closers mystifies me.

Dominic Brown – A lot of hype for young Mr. Brown. It seems like the Phillies are counting on him to have a big year. Especially once Ryan Howard suffers his season-ending injury.

Alex Rodriguez – Another Yankee.  No matter how many more hits or home runs he adds to his career number there will be an underlying feeling that he was somehow a disappointment.

Matt Holliday – Short Print! I’ve never been a Holliday fan.  Some players you just don’t care for.  For me it’s Holliday.
Miguel Gonzalez – An Oriole! Finally – one in thirteen packs, what a hit ratio.  From free agent invitee to dominating the Yankees in the postseason all in six months. Yeah, I’d be pretty happy to!
David Robertson – My penance for pulling an Oriole card, three Yankees in a pack.  Uggh.

Best Card – Miguel Gonzalez

Worst Card -3 Way Tie for the Soriano, Rodriguez and Robertson

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