Thursday, July 2, 2020

Update on the state of the blog...

So, last week I was planning on getting all caught up with the 1987 season, and like most of my plans around here, it went sailing out the window. In fact, I am announcing today that the Orioles Victory Card (1987 Season Edition) is officially on hiatus. 

The reason revolves around a good reason. Over at the other place that I write at - Raw Charge - I've accepted the position of Interim Managing Editor. After a couple of seasons as Associate Manager I've stepped into a slightly higher position that will require a little more time on my part and I just can't be sure that I'll have the time to catch up with the posts around here.

I do have a couple of posts that are almost completed here so I'm not entirely abandoning The Hopeful Chase. Card trades are also still happening on almost a daily basis so I'll post about those as well. With 2020 baseball hopefully around the corner I'll be sharing my thoughts on the Orioles quest to win more than 10 games as well.

In the meantime, feel free to head over to Raw Charge to check out the work of our excellent team. I will be using the little power I've accumulated to slide more hockey card coverage than any non-sports card site should ever even think about.