Monday, March 25, 2013

Ten Little Packs Sitting On My Desk (And one Indian in the Deck)

We’re going to a slightly different format starting with this post. Frankly, posting nine different photos was taking a bit too long in my opinion and since most of the card fronts have been posted on Zistle already I didn’t see the need.
Plus the photos now look like the 3-card advertising panels that you can pull as a boxtopper.
Today’s cards:

Marlins prospects.  Soon these two players will be traded because they make too much money (i.e. more than $8.25 an hour).
World Series – I like it when they recognize World Series highlights in a base set.  Hopefully in 2014 there will be a different team that sports orange as a primary color.
Ervin Santana – Airbrushed glory on this one.  The Royals went all out on rebuilding their pitching staff and now seem to be a trendy “sleeper” pick.

Joey Votto – He’s got a bit of a Feldman look to him here.  As in Cory Feldman.
Justin Morneau – Wow, this card would not be out of place in a real 1960’s set.  Well except for the luxury boxes in the background.
Jeremy Guthrie – “Guts” is another starting pitcher for the Royals. He’ll probably battle for a spot in the rotation in April and then by July be their most consistent starter.

New Age Performers Kris Medlan – Seriously, it couldn’t have been the Machado card? C’mon Topps don’t you know who I am?
Matt Harvey – Don’t know him. Not gonna bother to look him up because he’s a Met.
Trevor Bauer – Let’s just call this the airbrushed pitcher pack.  Cleveland is also getting some minor buzz as a sleeper team. Heck they’re good enough that they cut Dice-K.

Best Card – Morneau, fantastic looking card. Might be my favorite of the set so far.
Worst Card – Matt Harvey. Just because.


Marcus said...

Gotta love Guts. I like the idea of the World Series highlights, but I haven't liked a team that won since 2005, so they kinda bug me. It'd be nice to not have the Giants victory rubbed in my face. But I'm probably just a sore loser.

Captain Canuck said...

Come to me Mr Medlen.... woot!

Justin G. said...

Yeah, it looks like this box should have been sent to you Captain.

Backstop - your profile photo - one of my Top Five Topps photos of all time. 91 and 92 had some underrated photos.