Monday, March 18, 2013

Five Packs In - Can I Get An Oriole, Please!

With snowflakes falling outside it is time to tackle pack five.  I was a little underwhelmed by pack four (so underwhelmed that apparently I forgot to hit the publish button), and honestly I’m not overly enthralled with this year’s product.  I’m posting all of my base (except for the Orioles, of which I haven’t received any) on Zistle for trade.  Feel free to contact me through this page if you’d like as well.

Jason Grilli is fired up about something.

Gaby Sanchez – Pirates hot pack!  I really hope Pittsburgh gets their act together and becomes a competitive team again.  Thanks to the Pens and Steelers it’s not like folks living in Pittsburgh are hurting for success like, say Cleveland, but after more than 20 years of not competing it is time they challenged for titles instead of hoping for .500.

Rangers Rookie Stars – Holy Crap I know these guys! Along with the Orioles Bundy/Machado card this has to be one of the top rookie draws for this year’s Heritage set.  It’s likely Olt won’t see too much of the majors this season, but Profar should make the roster as a back-up infielder. 

World Series Game 2 – And I thought I was bad with puns for my titles.  I can’t say I watched that much of the World Series last year.  After the rush of the Orioles playoff run ended in New York there was a bit of a letdown for the rest of the postseason. Not a bad run for San Francisco sports over the last couple of years.

Todd Helton – Todd Helton has been in the league for 16 years and hit for a career average of .320.  Yet he only has 2,420 career hits.  No way in hell anyone breaks Pete Rose’s hits record. By the way, is Helton a Hall-of-Famer?  I think probably, but not first ballot.

Lance Lynn – Mr. Lynn looks more like Nick Swisher than Nick Swisher does in this set.  Can the Cardinals count on another 18 wins from him this year?

News Flashback Lyndon Johnson – President Johnson has the, “I can’t believe you asked me that fricken’ question,” look on his face. I’m really hoping to pull the Beatles flashback sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Brandon Beachy – Beachy was putting a strong season together before he went under the knife for ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, aka Tommy John surgery.  He’s projected to be back in June and, if healthy, could be a boost for a young Braves team that could be in the playoff hunt.

Will Middlebrooks – I’ve got nothing to say about Middlebrooks so let’s look at the question on the back of card.  Topps question is, “How many men did the Browns use in the 9-hole on 5/25/53?”  By holding the card up to right at the correct angle I see a cartoon and the answer – “10…but they lost”

Best card – Olt/Profar – gotta like the rookies.
Worst card – World Series Card.  Boo on bum-puns.  I’ll show myself out the door now.

March 18th and it is still snowing. I really need to plan a Florida trip at some point. My Vegas tan is fading.


TheRealDFG said...

You know what you can do with those Pirates (other than burning, mutilating, or altering their current pristine condition).

Nick B. said...

I'm also interested in any Anthony Rizzo or Starlin Castro cards!