Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Dozen Down and A Dozen To Go

Halfway home! Because I am bad at math I had some vague idea that this project would wrap up right around the start of the season. Instead it looks like it will run well past Opening Day, but hopefully be done before the NHL playoffs are done.  What a great week next week will be – baseball starts and the NHL Trade Deadline!  Of course, it looks like the Penguins are doing their best to win the deadline derby with a week to go. Well, let us look at some cards while we acknowledge that GM Ray Shero is better at his job than us.

Matt Thornton – Matt looks more like a 17th century fire-and-brimstone preacher than a ball player. I could definitely see him making Demi Moore wear a scarlet “A” on his shirt and casting out witches.

Michael Bourn – Pictured in his old Brave’s uniform because even Topps’ graphics departments are fast enough to catch his late free agent signing, I wonder if Bourn overvalued his talents a bit.  Not that he’s going to struggle to feed his family with $48 million, but I think he thought he was in line for more when BJ Upton signed his $75 million deal with the Braves.

AL Batting Leaders – The Happiest Card in the World!  Look at all of those smiles. Even Beltre is cracking a grin.

Red Sox Sluggers – Ha.  Will Middlebrooks. Sure over a 162 game schedule he would have hit 32 home runs, but it’s only one year.  Kevin Maas would have hit 43 home runs based on his pro-rated rookie season and you don’t see anyone putting him on a baseball card these days.

Mets Future Stars – More Mets without smiles.  Seriously, Familia looks like he heading to the gallows.

New Age Performers RA Dickey – I’m not sold on Dickey in the AL East.  The Blue Jays are the trendy pick to win the division due to their off-season moves, but winning the Hot Stove League is a lot different than besting the Yankees, Rays, and Red Sox over 162 games.

Dan Uggla – Either he just struck out or they told him his favorite hair gel was being taken off the market.

Sergio Romo – Being so happy just looks illegal 

Best Card – AL Leaders – Bask in glad times
Worst Card – Mets Rookies 

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