Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Did I Miss Ovechkin Playing For The Lightning?

Oh Upper Deck, how I love your mock-ups.

I was wandering around Upper Deck's facebook page the other day looking at product I will never, and I do mean ever, get my hands on. Namely, the 2010-11 version of their highest end product, The Cup.

Religious overreaction aside, they should just name this product "The Holy Grail". Most collectors would love to have the rookie patch/auto cards of their favorite players from this product. However, most collectors probably can't afford them. For instance, Stamkos' rookie from 2008-09 recently closed for a cool $1000. Even the non-auto base cards routinely close for many more ducets then people are willing to part with.

Every year the set is released to much anticipation among the higher end set and Upper Deck is taking to social media to help fuel the drool. On their Facebook page they have been posting pictures for the last month or so.

Despite the description clearly labeling the image as a mock-up several commentors don't quite get the concept. For instance:

Niko K - "Haha ERROR!!!"
Jacob C - "Dang this makes me think that all of my jersey cards are screwed up like this! I'm not gunna trust you anymore, upper deck!"

The cynical among us think it's laziness. I think someone in the art department is having a little fun, perhaps a subtle dig at Ovechkin and the Caps elimination from the playoffs last season.

There is no chance that a card of this magnitude (biggest release of the year of a marquee player) would make it past their quality control, but what if it did. Would it fetch a premium on the secondary market? Would Upper Deck offer a replacement? Would they announce who the swatch actually belonged to?

Imagine a Stamkos swatch on an Ovechkin card, could it fetch more than $1000 on the secondary market? If I pulled this card I'd get a huge laugh about it. Then I would write a lame-ass post about it, contact Upper Deck and see what they would offer for it.

I like that Upper Deck is using social media to generate interest in their product and interaction with the fans. Folks need to relax about previews in general. It reminds me of the hoopla that surrounded the Stamkos free agency saga earlier this year. There is a lot of noise about something that doesn't exist. Wait till they actually screw up before burying them.


Captain Canuck said...

I don't do the facebook thing, but I did see all 99 patch autos from PK Subban on the Upper Deck blog.

All I want is one. Is that too much to ask?

That said, their is a group multi case break of The Cup going on at my LCS the day of the release. I will be in attendance. At $417 per pack, i will not be participating, but i hope to get pictures.

Paul said...

Did you see the Vanek they posted, with the goalie cut jersey tag in it? At least they admitted the error and stated it would be removed before the final release.

TheRealDFG said...

I think they should make a card that has Michael Jordan's picture with Wayne Gretzky's Sweater, Tiger Woods stats on the back and Ken Griffey Jr.'s name on it. That would be awesome.

Justin G. said...

CC- I think the same thing whenever I see a Vinny card on the list.

Paul - I did see that. I guess it saves a Vaneck collector some money since they're pulling him from the checklist.

DFG - they'd have to leave room for the Mr. Hockey trademark as well.