Monday, August 8, 2011

The National Loot Review Rolls On

Next up on the list of this weekend's card spending spree is the vintage portion of the collection. Something my collection severely lacks would be Orioles cards pre-1985. So one of my goals was to rectify that. I didn't go gung-ho, but did manage to pick up the below 7 cards. The average amount spent per card is $0.56.

In that photo you see are five 1960 Topps. They're in pretty decent condition with no major creases or blemishes. A little off-center here and there, but definitely worth the investment.

Hidden in the corner is a 1961 Dave Philley. The Philley and the 60 Arnie Portocarrero are both cards that I've briefly held onto electronically via Topps Diamond Giveaway, but have traded them away for other cards. So it was nice to actually get a hold of them.

The last card was one that I got almost as a throw in with a couple of cards that you'll see later. A 1968 Brooks Robinson Topps Game card. Poor Brooks is a Hit By Pitch.

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TheRealDFG said...

Now I know where you disappeared to. You must have picked these up while I was stuck in the line for Bill Gadsby's auto. It was worth it though.