Sunday, August 4, 2019

Orioles Victory Card Number 37: A Ripken reproduction for ya

Baltimore Orioles Victory Number 37: 6-4 over the Toronto Blue Jays

2001 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr Career Highlights Box Set - Card 52

See, you thought this was a normal 1993 Ultra Cal Ripken, Jr., didn't you?  Nope, it was part of a box set released in 2001 to commemorate Ripken's career. Along with cards depicting various highlights throughout his time with the Orioles, Fleer also created some reproductions of his earlier released cards.  The big difference, other than quality (let's not sugar coat it, this set looks like it was rushed through production) is the Ripken logo in the lower right corner.

It's a nice little set to have if you are an Orioles or Ripken fan. Despite the "limited" production there are plenty out there to pick up. This was early 2000's limited so there are literally 50,000 regular sets that were made so it's pretty easy to pick up a complete set for less than $10.00.

Now that being said, according to there were also 2,632 glossy sets made that contained "six exclusive game used cards and one jumbo card". Those are going to set you back a little bit more (there is one listed on ebay right now for $24.00) and not pop up quite as often.

As for the Os.  They pick up win 37 in game 110.  That means I need them to go 23-29 over the last 52 to cash my bet. Of those 52 games, roughly half are against the Yankees, Red Sox, Astros, and Rays.  So it's not going to be easy.  We're veering from the impossible to the highly unlikely on the "Will Justin cash a bet" scale, but at least it's moving in the right direction.

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