Friday, January 20, 2012

A TTM Braves A Chicago Snowstorm

As I type this up it appears the Florida Panthers bus is having issues making it to the United Center.  Such trouble that the start of the game is actually being delayed. Needless to say we're getting a pretty nice weather event up here in the Windy City.  Nothing like ThunderSnow, but still a pretty good accumalation is going on out there.

Speaking of South Florida, my buddy Hambone is flying up from the Pyscho state, he just boarded the plane in Miami and is hoping that he's actually able to land. He's only about 2 hours behind his original scheduled landing time which is kind of a surprise for O'Hare. Normally they would have shut the airport down for the day by now.

The Duchess worked from home today - no way that Florida is girl is ready to be driving in this mess. From what I've seen on the news sites in regards to the highways around the city - it was an excellent idea. We did go wandering down to Trader Joes for some dinner fixin's (didn't want to make some poor delivery guy ride his bike in this mess) and I think she enjoyed her first city walk in a snow storm.

When we got back I saw that I had a small little envelope with my address label on it.  TTM success! It also came from South Florida.

If I didn't know his name, I would have guessed "John Ell" based on his signature

Jacob Markstrom turned this baby around in a little more than two weeks, guess he had some free time due to his knee injury.  The signature is a little scribbled, but looks nice on the clean, white Score card.

Time to crack another beer and watch the cars slide there way along Belmont Ave! Thanks for the card, Mr. Markstrom!

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Nick B. said...

Nice TTM! I do like the look of an auto on the Score cards.

The Panthers should have just stayed at the hotel last night. It was less than an inspired effort but I'll take the two points since we'll need them because the Central is on fire right now.

The best part about this time of year in Chicago is every news outlet covers any snow like it's the first time the city has ever seen it. WGN had a poor girl driving around in a car all night reporting on the snow fall and road conditions! Really? It's snowing, the roads are going to suck, don't go out unless you have to, it's not another Snow-magedden.

And I'm not as nice as you as we ordered out, but the driver got some extra $ for his troubles.