Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 2011 Hopeful Chase Card of the Year

Well, the calender has flipped on 2011 and it's time to move on to 2012.  Last year I changed up my collecting philosophy.  I limited the packs I bought, almost eliminated boxes totally (I think I only bought one all year) and focused on player collecting, trading and set completing.  I believe I was pretty successful in following those tenants.

The oncoming new year will be much of the same. I am going to allow myself to chase two sets - the 2011-12 Score Hockey (with inserts) and the 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball.  For the first time since returning to collecting I have no plans to buy any Topps base whatsoever.  It's not that I don't like the design because I kind of do, it's just that I like Heritage better.

Even if I don't have any current baseball guys that I collect I don't plan on adding any other players to the personal collection which currently stands at:

1. Vincent Lecavalier
2. Eddie Murray
3. Dustin Tokarski
4. Floyd Rayford
5. Peter Bondra
6. Brett Connolly

Now on to the meat of the post.  My favorite card of the year.  This is a semi-annual tradition that I hope to keep going from here on out.  The criteria is simple - what is the favorite card I picked up in the calender year 2011.  It can be from any year, it just has to be added to the collection this year. 

This year was a pretty close race.  Thanks to e-Bay, card shows and the generosity of fellow bloggers I picked up a lot of cool cards. However, one stood out.  For all of the money I spent on acquisitions this year, this card only cost me 10 cents.

image totally jacked from eBay

It's a 2010-11 Upper Deck Base Martin St. Louis base card. 

Such a simple card, but totally awesome none-the-less. St. Louis is celebrating one of the 29 goals that he scored in 2009-10.  The card is framed perfectly with his raised arms bringing the focus to the center of the card and a look of accomplishment on his face.  (Congrats by the way to St. Louis on picking up career assist 500 on Saturday night).

When this photo was taken the Lightning were in the midst of a disastrous season.  Depending on which home game it was, chances are those who shall not be named were still in charge of the team, trade rumors were swirling and St. Louis was contemplating his future of the club.

Scoring a goal must have been some sort of relief in a tumultuous season.  When it ended, St. Louis openly questioned whether he wanted to come back or not.  Luckily for Lightning fans the new ownership group assured him that they were dedicated to being competitive and locked him up to a four year extension.  An extension that hopefully allows him to finish his career in the blue and white of the Lightning. 

Awesome card of an awesome player.

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Nick B. said...

Happy New Year!

Good choice. Upper Deck's base set is always my favorite for cards like this. The 2011-12 set has some "great" cards in it as well.

Here's to a great 2012 in the hobby and hopefully I'll pull some great Lightning cards to send your way.