Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fifteen Packs? That Means Less Than Ten To Go

As I listened to the Orioles game today (pitching and the long ball – Earl Weaver was smilin’ in heaven today) it struck me that they’re pretty much rolling out the same team they did last year.  Which, in today’s game is really, really odd.  Thanks to free agency, salary “caps” and rapid change in management it seems like players are almost always on the move. 

To put this thought to test let us take a look at my most recent Heritage pack and see if there are any players who are still with the team that drafted them.

Tyler Colvin – Nope. He was a Cub.

Mitch Moreland – Drafted by the Rangers. Still with the Rangers. Thanks for screwing this up so early, Mitch.

Nathan Eovaldi – Was in the Dodgers organization and came over in the Hanley Ramirez deal.

Justin Ruggiano – Former Ray

Gavin Floyd – Former Phillie

Brandon Phillips – Drafted by the Expos (remember them?) debuted with the Indians

The Beatles – Former Quarrymen

Jose Bautista – Who didn’t he play for?

Tommy Hanson – Former Brave

So, seven out of eight players in this pack have changed organizations. Seems about right.  Even a team like the Rays who are notorious for developing their own talent are dipping into the free agent pool more and more. In one of those jaw dropping stats, Roberto Hernandez (you may remember him as Fausto Carmona) will start for the Rays on Thursday. While his comeback is story enough, he will also become the first free agent pitcher to start for the Rays since Hideo Nomo in 2005; that’s a streak of 1,207 games. Amazing.

Best Card – The Beatles.  After the Bunchado card this was the card I really wanted the most. Love the Beatles.
Worst Card – Tommy Hanson.  He should have been a Brave for life.

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