Thursday, April 18, 2013

At Long Last We Have Completion

Hey, whoa! Where did the time go?  Has it really been that long since I posted?  I’m really getting too old to let two weeks slip by almost unnoticed.  I guess I should wrap up this whole “drag out a box break” series and move on to more interesting topics like the Lightning playoff chances (excuse me while I go cry in a corner now).  Three more packs to go, let’s go get them!

Or, because I am lazy let’s not.

I’ll boil it down to one card. 

Hey there leader of Birdland!  Good ol’ Buck Showalter looking all managerial and serious. Which is exactly how managers not named Joe Maddon should look.  The O’s are lingering around .500 this season. Luckily in the AL East that still has them in contention.

There wasn’t much else lurking in the last three packs of the box.  I did get a Venezuelan variation of a pitching leaders card.  If you haven’t seen them, well they’re just like the normal cards except with a black border around the back of the card.

My thoughts on the 2013 Topps Heritage product – a definitive “meeehhh”.

Of all the Topps products on the market, Heritage really is the simplest to get a grip on.  Take a vintage design and airbrush a bunch of current players on the front and ship it out.  I like that they mimic  the inserts and foibles of the original years to keep a bit of continuity, that makes for a nice touch.  The problem is, if you’re not a fan of the base card design it’s really hard to talk yourself into investing the time and money to put a complete set together (thanks short prints!)

I will be trading away, or at least attempting to trade away, most of the cards that I pulled from this box. I’m off to a decent start having set aside the Braves for Captain Canuck and the Pirates for Staff Sergeant Real DFG.  About a week ago I pulled off a 2013-for-2012-Heritage swap on Zistle that cleaned out  about another 20 cards.

So if you are looking to put this set together or need some team needs, check out my trade list on Zistle on get in touch with me. In the meantime I think I might be looking for some Gypsy Queen cards.  I’m really digging the Dealing Aces insert set, might put that one together. After all I already got the best one out of the way.

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Fuji said...

Love the Dealing Aces design... best of luck should you decide to build that set.