Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Next To Last Heritage Post - We're almost there!

Here we go.  The first of two posts where I knock out the rest of the Heritage box that bought seemingly 3 months ago.  I’m not done opening packs and I’ve already managed to trade about 20 cards through Zistle.  I’m sure once I’m done and can focus I can get most of this set traded away.  Then I can start thinking about buying a box of Gypsy Queen.  For some reason I’m more intrigued by that set this year then I have been in the past.

Pack I

Carlos Ruiz – “Chooch” to Phillies fans.  Not a bad nickname.  Definitely better than A-Rod or S-Rod or anything like that. I’m pretty sure that “photo” was taken at the Phillies spring training stadium in Clearwater. For my money it’s the best place to watch a game in the Tampa area.

Luis Ayala – Part of a very strong bullpen for the Orioles last year that led to a 29-9 record in one-run games last season.  Critics and sabreologists scoffed at the record and decried it as “UNSUSTAINABLE!” I guess they might be right, the O’s are 0-1 in one-run games this season.

Howie Kendrick- Kendrick is a doubles machine – 195 in only 7 seasons.  Maybe the O’s can pick him up to replace their oft-injured doubles hitter Brian Roberts.

Jacoby Ellsbury – Speaking of oft-injured

Wellington Castro – I’m not going to lie, Wellington is a strong, strong first name.

Heath Bell – No Flat Breezy for Mr. Bell.  That’s an old-school grab the hat and bend it as hard as you can in the middle brim.

Jake Peavy – Anytime you can invest $29 million in a pitcher whose arm may fall off his body at anytime you gotta do it!

AL Bombers – Is Cano that short or Rodriguez that tall.  They look like Marty and Vinny celebrating a goal.

James McDonald – This is his third full year as a starter in the National League. If he was surrounded by better talent I’d say he was on the verge of a breakout season.

Best Card – Ayala – Go O’s!
Worst Card – The Yankees.

Pack II

Pat Neshek – He’s probably the best TTM signer in the league and after a couple of years dealing with arm injuries it looks like he found a place in Oakland. Good for him

Garrett Jones – I wonder how often his name will pop up in trade rumors this season.

Chris Perez – They couldn’t have memorialized Perez getting sick on the field? Who knows, maybe there is a super short print variation of that awesome moment!

Tyler Pastornicky – Chalk up another name I have no idea of who it is. Into the pile for Captain Canuck it goes!

Jeremy Hellickson – With James Shields off to Kansas City it is time for Hellickson to step up his game a bit. He won’t be the ace, but needs to be a strong number two.

Jay Bruce – He seems to be the pure slugger compared to Joey Votto’s more cerebral approach.

David Ortiz Memorable Moments – Whatever.  I really don’t care.  Just retire already.

James Loney – Tampa Bay might have another reclamation project on their hands. 

Mike Leake – He’s 28-22 in his career while giving up over 4 runs a game.  Should be in line for a $75 million contract.

Best Card – Pat Neshek
Worst Card – Ortiz

Pack III

A.J. Pierzynski – A royal portrait for a royal asshole

Brendan Ryan – Shortstop or crazed meth addict biker?

Tommy Milone – Proof that you don’t have to be a flamethrower to be successful.  I have a theory that the next undervalued market are pitchers who throw strikes but don’t light up the radar gun.  Even the new age scouts seem to be enamored with hard throwers.

Daniel Nava – After 7 at bats this year Nava is hitting .429 – could be the next superstar!

Pitching Leaders AL – Good for them.

Darwin Barney – The Cubs are quietly putting together a decent infield with Barney, Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro and eventually Javier Baez.  Who knows, maybe Theo Epstein will put a winner on the field eventually.

Koufax and Kershaw – Another awesome card in this set. At some point I will own a Koufax card (you know one from when he actually played). 

Royals/Rays Prospects – This would have been an all Royals prospects card if Andrew Friedman didn’t get Odorizzi included in the James Shields trade.  That’s why Friedman is one of the best in the business.

Best Card – Koufax and Kershaw
Worst Card - Hudson


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