Friday, May 11, 2018

Orioles Victory Card Number 10

Orioles Victory Number 10: 11-6 over the Kansas City Royals

1992 Donruss Leo Gomez

For the first time in a month the Baltimore Orioles managed to string two wins together. Of course, they did it while I was on a brief 24-hour visit out of town forcing me to compose this on an Amazon Fire's portable keyboard cover. Therefore I apologize for any typos. Blame it on a compressed keyboard and slightly chubby fingers.

Still, how about that O's offense! These were the types of wins I was looking forward to when the year started. A poor starting performance (5 runs allowed in 1.1 innings by Chris Tillman) that is bailed out by a pretty potent offense (11 runs, 14 hits and  home runs). In all three games against the Royals the Orioles scored at least 5 runs. Is that the offense waking up or a bad Royal pitching staff? (checks the team stats - yup. It's the Royals pitching)

Still, O's fans need to take what we get.  Snapping a few hits together and putting a couple of balls on the right side of the fence is just what this team needs to get people interested again. Besides, it might drive up the value of a couple of these players when other teams come a calling for trades.

Why Leo Gomez today? Well he's my all second all time favorite number 10 in Orioles history. He was a middling prospect back when the O's were searching for a solution at third base. Over six seasons he managed to hit 62 home runs and drive in 203 runs in a Baltimore uniform. He also played a year for the Chicago Cubs before jumping over to the Japanese professional league for another few seasons.

He also played in some bitching glasses.

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