Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Orioles Victory Card Number 13

Orioles Victory Number 13: 17-1 over the Tampa Bay Rays

1995 Topps Stadium Club Cal Ripken, Jr Cause & Effect

Man, that is a cathartic win. Just a week before the Orioles were getting their brains beat in on the west coast. Now, they're taking five out of seven and putting up runs the vaunted Yankee team would be proud of. Seventeen runs - a boatload of them against a left-handed pitcher at that. 

Not only that, but their ace looked like an ace again. Dylan Bundy bounced back from a disastrous start his last time out to hold the Rays to zero runs over 7 innings. The 4 walks weren't great, but he only gave up two hits - neither which of left the park. Compare that to zero outs recorded, five hits, four of which were home runs in his last start.

When his work was done against Tampa his offense had put up 11 runs (they would add 6 more in the bottom of the seventh). Those 11 runs were one more than the team had scored in his first four starts combined. It's nice when a team fires on all cylinders.

The latest run of success has brought a small amount of sunshine to an otherwise dismal season. It should not, however, change what needs to be done. That is blow up the roster. Even with their recent winning ways there is only one team with fewer wins (the Chicago White Sox). The two teams that the Orioles beat up on combined for a record of 30-50. Not exactly playoff material.

Still, it's nice to be on the winning side for a few games. Hopefully they can keep the good times winning. If they can keep this going against Philadelphia and Boston then maybe ownership should think about keeping the team together.

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