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Orioles Victory Card Number 28: The Trade Season is Underway

Baltimore Orioles Victory Number 28: 2-1 over the Tampa Bay Rays

2019 Topps Gypsy Queen Jonathan Villar

The Orioles made their first real move of the trade deadline as they sent Andrew Cashner to their divisional rival, the Boston Red Sox. In exchange for their most consistent starter this year they received two 17 year-old prospects currently playing in the Dominican league. Welcome to the 2019 Trade Deadline!

Let's face it, the Orioles really don't have the trade pieces that they had last year so the returns they get back aren't going to be overwhelming. If they do make any additional moves, and GM Mike Elias gave the impression that there wasn't much going on, it'll be for similar returns. Don't expect any top-100 prospects to be joining the Orioles this summer. This organization is hurting for depth throughout and so it's just about stockpiling as many assets as possible.

Elias has indicated that he doesn't have any other deals in the works (even if he did what good would it do to release that information at this point?). However, a lot can change in the next two weeks that changes a contender's thoughts about what they need to add and the Orioles do have a few pieces that may help someone out. Let's go through the active roster and see what the O's might be interested in parting with that could net them some more international bonus pool money or low level prospects:

These guys could have been had for nothing so don't expect them to be traded for an actual asset:

First off the players that the Orioles have claimed off of waivers just in the last few months:

Tom Eshelman, Asher Wojceichowski, Aaron Brooks, Tayler Scott. So technically the Orioles traded for Eshelman and Wojceichowski, but still they would have been waived by their other teams. Nont of them have exactly lit up the league to the point where someone would want to put them on a pitching staff that was in contention.

Well, anything is possible, but anyone making this deal should be required to talk to a doctor about a possible concussion.

Chris Davis. For someone who started the season 0-for-ever he's not having that bad of a season. He has power and plays an ok firstbase, but man oh man that contract.

If you had pitched a little better your name would be more popular.

Richard Bleier, Miguel Castro, Mychal Givens, Jimmy Yacabonis, and Gabriel Ynoa.  Let's face it, the bullpen has not been great. Casto and Givens may have had some interest and despite a few improved outings prior to the All-Star break, they just aren't getting enough people out on a consistent basis to generate interest.

Someone has to make it through the rebuild

John Means, Chance Cisco, Anthony, Santander, Stevie Wilkerson, and Richie Martin. They probably aren't the core of the next great Orioles dynasty, but they are young and can help bridge the gap until the other prospects prove they belong in the majors.

Future considerations? Like a Christmas card? Sure, we'll make a deal.

Richard Bleier, Shawn Armstrong, Pedro Severino, Keon Broxton, and Hanser Alberto.  Alberto and Severino may have been my favorite players not named Trey Mancini this season. They are still having fun out there despite the long summer and may add a little something to a team looking for depth. Broxton has struggled at the plate, but his defense and speed could add a longer bench to a team during the expanded roster portion of the season.  Alberto flat out is raking against left-handed pitching (.398/.408/.517 as of publication.  Not a bad platoon option for a team.  The same goes for Severino, he has shown some pop in his bat and can control the running game.

Y'all need some back-ups who could be starters if you're beset by injuries? Or maybe a guy who can get an out or two?  Well do we have some deals for you. All it will take is a little cash or some guy playing in Single-A ball.

Paul Fry, Renato Nunez, Rio Ruiz, and Dwight Smith, Jr. They have all had some decent runs but tend to have a fatal flaw that prevents them from being an every day starter.

Ok.  I'm going to need at least someone that was at least considered a prospect at one point. At least he's one of your top 30 prospects.

Trey Mancini - This was going to originally be entitled "You can pry him from my cold, dead hands" but lets face it, Mancini is the one player on the roster who could also start on a contender. He's a righthander with power who makes a lot of contact and can play either corner outfield spot or first base. He's also the face of the franchise and young enough that he could be a cornerstone during the transition. 

The Hopeful Chase Top Five Trade Candidates:

1. Andrew Cashner
2. Jonathan Villar
3. Paul Fry
4. Renato Nunez
5. Trey Mancini

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