Wednesday, February 8, 2012

200 Posts... Jeez Took Long Enough

Yup. It took almost two years but  I finally broke the 200 post barrier. I'm not sure if it's an accomplishment or not (heck it seems some bloggers kick out 200 posts a week) but it feels good.  I might take the occasional unannounced break from posting, but I haven't come close to feeling burnt out on writing about sports and trading cards (and occasionally Chicago).  To celebrate the 200th posting lets take a look at what brings you folks to this site.

All numbers are from blogspots "stats" page which probably aren't the most accurate in the world but look way better than sitemeters so we'll go with them.

As of my writing this post folks have viewed 24,855 pages on this blog. Of those 24,000 odd visits 13,872 of them are from the United States, 2,126 from Canada (thanks Captain Canuck!), South Korea checks in with a strong 554 page views which is almost double the amount of people from France (260).

The most popular post is the one I wrote about Carl Crawford signing with the Red Sox. It's been viewed 991 times (yet no comments). The post that surprises me the most is the third most visited page, a quick throwaway piece where I tried to come up with a new nickname for Steven Stamkos.  Apparently "Stamkos mustache" is a popular search term.

Speaking of search times, I'm glad to say "Hopeful Chase" is the number one term used to find the site with 314.  However, as was my nefarious plan, "Sidney Crosby shirtless" is number two with a bullet. In just over three months or so it's already directed 216 folks to my humble piece of Internet real estate. I love that "Joe Flacco mustache" and "Ricky Hatton fat" round out the top four.

As far as sites that refer traffic my way there is a bit of an upset.  I thought the blogroll would be number one, but despite the 361 referrals it is actually second.  Riding on Night Owl's coattails (or having my blog on his blogroll) has led 378 folks this way.  Which is odd, because I don't think we actually talked to each other until a couple of months ago when we pulled off a small trade.

It looks like most of you are running Windows when you take a look at the site (70%), Mac users are second at 9%.  A combined 4% of you guys (and gals) are apparently reading the site via a smart phone of some sort.  Sorry about that, it can't be easy to read my rambling thoughts on such a small screen.  Heck I can barely do it when I type these words down.

Finally, thanks to the folks who took the time to leave the 245 comments.  I do really appreciate the feedback, all of which has been positive so far, hopefully it improves the writing.  Hopefully I have at least another 200 posts in me that y'all find somewhat entertaining.

Thank you!


Kev said...

congrats on 200!

Captain Canuck said...

make that 2127... and you're welcome.

TheRealDFG said...

200? That's it? Surely you have posted more than that. I assume you aren't counting the old site postings in this mix. Regardless, congrats!!

As a reward, I have started a new Bolts pile for you.

Anonymous said...

pops says hi and congrats on the
200.. always interesting reads

Nick B. said...

Congrats on 200.

And tell that Stamkos guy to keep scoring!