Saturday, February 11, 2012

National Hockey Day Comes to the States

I'm too lay to check, but I'm pretty sure at some point in the past I've bitched about there not being a National Hockey Day in the U.S. for us hockey card collectors. Well, 2012 marked the debut of NHCD south of the Border.  Huzzah!  So I was obliged to visit the Local Card Store and pick up a pack.

I had checked ahead of time to make sure they had the packs and was told that they were free to collectors with any Upper Deck purchase.  Luckily for my broke ass that wasn't limited to just boxes of product and I was able to get just a pack of Series I to qualify.

I won't waste your time with the results of the Series I pack - the highlight being a Tomas Vincour Young Guns. Lets move right to the five card NHCD pack (plus bonus Tim Thomas card!).

A Swede, A Russian and A Czech start off the US version of this pack

You're looking at:

Gabriel Landeskog (America's Franchises)
Alex Ovechkin (America's Franchises)
Jaromir Jagr (America's Franchises)
Zach Parise (Stars in Stripes)
Mike Modano (American Icons)
Tim Thomas (Memorable Moments)

Not a bad pack, but nothing that I feel the need to hold on to.  If anyone needs any of these let me know.  If anyone has a Patrick Kane I'll take it off your hands and if any of our Canadian readers have a Stamkos they don't feel the need to hold on to - let me know.

Now if only we could get McDonalds to start giving packs away.....


TheRealDFG said...

What a great pack full of American players. Very nice.

Justin G. said...

yup. I was thinking the same thing when I opened it.