Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick Hits - Pending Weather Event Version

* I am not worried about Brian Roberts missing two days of camp because of a sore neck. Not worried at all. He’ll be fine, yeah it’s not a lingering problem. Just breathe easy and it will be fine.

* Good-bye Dan Ellis. We’ll always have your twitter high-jinx and that one night in Phoenix.

* Actually, I like the Dan Ellis trade. A lot of fans think it’s a precursor to a larger deal, but I think it’s Yzerman taking advantage of a team in need (Anaheim) and getting rid of an unwanted asset to clear $1.5 million off of the books for next year. Dan Ellis had no future in Tampa and would have been shopped in the off-season or bought out. Now if he can find a suitor for Mike Smith…….

* I haven’t written much about Liverpool this year, mainly because I no longer have FSC so I haven’t actually watched a game since December. I’m not quite sure how I feel about rooting for a team that’s linked directly with the Red Sox (for those that don’t know John Henry and New England Sports Ventures are the owners of Boston’s baseball team and they bought Liverpool this fall).

On one hand I’m glad that the team has stable ownership, but can’t stand the thought that Liverpool’s success might some how help the Red Sox. As for the departure of Fernando Torres, well El Nino, you gave us some fine memories, but that’s about it. I think you started to turn the fan base against you when you started complaining that the Premier League was too physical for you. Have fun at Chelsea.

* Oh and who else is a part of NESV? Jeff Vinnik - owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning. So let's review. In about a year, one of the teams I dislike the most (the Red Sox) have woven themselves firmly into my primary rooting interests. Their owners own my favorite hockey team and Premier League team. To top it off they used their vast resources to lure my former favorite player, Carl Crawford, away from the Rays. As Cam Neeley once said...."Wanna kick my dog while you're at it?" John Henry you are my sports nemesis!

* Should I write another post insinuating that Lecavalier might not fulfill his full potential because of Matt Cooke? All Vinny has done since then is mold himself into the best player on the team (3 goals and 7 points since I wrote that one).

* Random thing that I used to get a kick out of - when you did a Google search of “Toe Nash”, my old blog used to be the first hit. Now it’s down to the third or fourth. Still one of my favorite pieces that I wrote.

* December snow is fun. February snow is annoying.

* Despite my general disregard for the NBA I am amazed at the ineptitude of the Los Angeles Clippers scouts. Take a look at their draft history I am 100% sure that given 30 minutes of research I could have had more success with drafting talent.

* Have you ever expected a card to be waiting for you in your mailbox and it has yet to show up? Man, even as a 30-something year old it’s a let down. Well maybe tomorrow.

* I ordered a bunch of padded envelopes off of eBay and they arrived today. When my better half saw the packaging she rolled her eyes and guessed that it was another bobble head (which I haven’t even bought in years!). I think she was more disappointed when she saw that they were envelopes. But it was a deal! $0.29 an envelope even with shipping!

* The first trades from the Allen & Ginter trade away have trickled in. I really like this year’s Topps and need to sell some stuff on the Bay so I can justify buying a box.

* Song I'm inexplicably listening to way too much on my iPod right now - Aloe Black's I need a Dollar

That’s all.

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Anonymous said...

This is my final time reading your blog! How dare you write what you did about the Clippers first round pick in 1993!!!!I demand a retraction!