Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why is it?

I always have computer issues when my eBay auctions end? I finally gave in and laid the big honkin' HP notebook to rest. It did well for me, but the days of lugging around a 17" screen laptop are over with.

Now I have a nice little netbook. Lite and sleek I'm the coolest kid in the coffee shop, well the coolest kid on the couch anyway. This is just a test post to see how typing is with the smaller keyboard. My fingers, being anything but dainty, seem to be adjusting well.

Hopefully, with the frustration of dealing with spotty computer performance a thing of the past, I'll be posting more often.

That is all. Now back to the All Star Game.

1 comment:

Orioles Magic said...

I feel you with the computer problems thing when an auction is about to end, it's frustrating as hell.