Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Heritage Trade Brait

Hey folks....got some extra 2012 Topps Heritage cards for trade.  If you need them, check out my "wanted" list somewhere on the right hand side of this blog and get a hold of me. Help me help you.

Updated 6/5/12 (Italics are pending trades)

17 Mike Moustakas
28 Josh Beckett
31 Jeff Samardzija
45 Jimmy Paredes
51 Alex Gordon
58 Marlon Byrd
63 Cincinnati Reds
84 Doug Fister
90 Joey Votto
102 Ron Washington
104 Danny Duffy
105 James Loney
117 Vernon Wells
119 Matt Downs
131 Kevin Gregg
179 Shaun Marcum
197 Ian Kennedy
206 Lance Lynn
209 Chris Iannetta x2
220 Rickey Romero
232 Kevin Youkilis
233 Terry Collins
236 Salvador Perez
241 Johnny Cuerto
257 Jacob Turner
267 Nick Hundley
274 2012 Rookie Stars
280 Brett Lawrie
291 Stephen Strasburg
305 Ryan Roberts
306 Star Receivers
310 Jerry Sands
320 Zach Greinke
325 Brian Wilson x2
333 2012 Rookie Stars
340 Russell Martin
349 Alex Gonzalez
360 Chad Billingsley
368 Andrew Bailey
397 Kansas City Royals
419 Casey Janssen
421 Kyle Farnsworth
493 Josh Willingham
Chrome -
HP32 Neil Walker (Pirates)

Black Border (Non-Chrome)
HP86 Carlos Santans (indians)
HP92 ALBatting Leaders
HP98 2012 Rookie Stars

Then & Now
TN-YC Yaz and Miguel Cabrera


Captain Canuck said...

I've got 10 or 11 for you if you'll hold the McCann and any other Braves for me.

I'll check out your other lists as well.....

Justin G. said...

Consider it done...

Collective Troll said...

Hey brother, I have some 2009 Heritage you need, plus I am sure that I have a few O's cards you would want as well... I will post here with the cards I need in a few minutes...Cheers! troll

Collective Troll said...

Okay brother, I need almost all of them, ha!
Please save these for me:

4 Justin Verlander, 103 Michael Brantley, 160 Mark Buehrle, 201 Yovani Gallardo,
216 Kyle Wieland, 222 Jed Lowrie, 257 Jacob Turner, 304 Dat Dude BP, 367 Trayvon Robinson,
415 Chris Capenter and 421 Kyle Farnsworth.

Like I said, I have some 2009 Heritage, plus some Orioles styff, thanks sooo much! please email me yer address again... i will have some stuff together for ya early next week. CHEERS!!! troll