Friday, October 28, 2011

This is the most impressive Vinny card I've ever seen. It's mine. It took me two weeks to get this. This card is expensive. It's about $3 on the 'Bay, because of the awesome. It doesn't fit in a standard top-loader, because it doesn't belong in a standard top-loader.
It's the kind of thing that this card is so good that even if you don't like Vincent, you won't trade it away 'cause it demonstrates incredible collecting capabilities. Collecting is not about value, it's about having awesome cards.
My card has a die cut window. My card is serial numbered. My card is game worn. Authentic guaranteed. Not kidding.
My card, instead of telling you it's worth $15, 'cause who cares about Beckett, tells you I collect awesome. Guaranteed. What do you own – guaranteed?

Yup, I picked up another card for the ol' personal collection. A very generous blogger by the name of Kevin over at The Mojo Beard sent this one my way about a week ago. In return for…….nothing. The generosity of people on the internet never ceases to amaze me. His goodness will be returned…once I get back to Florida and the home of the collection. In the meantime, check his writing out.
Oh and that first part, in case it sounded familiar, was lifted directly from one of my favorite youtube clips of all time. Check it out here.


Michael said...

Nice blog, happy to follow!

Michael -

Kevin said...

I am glad you enjoyed the card brother