Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Morning Trade Bait

Good Morning. It's the last Sunday before the All Star break so I figured I'd throw some bait out there for you Topps fans out there. Here we go:

In the first batch we have:

Diamond Stars:
DS-1 Evan Longoria
DS-21 Carl Crawford

Topps Ruby Gimmick
THP28 - Justin Upton

Topps 60
T60-85 Johnny Bench
T60-100 Albert Pujols

60 Years of Topps
60YOT-117 2009 Topps Longoria/Price

Dynamic Duos
DD-2 Utley/Cano
DD-18 Halladay/Hernandez

Batch #2

TT2-18 Brandon Phillips
TT2-45 Martin Prado

60th Anniversary Shiny Parallels
416 Everth Cabrera
541 John Jaso

Before There Was Topps
BTT6 Gum Inc Playball 1939

Let me know what you want and we'll work it out!

1 comment:

Nachos Grande said...

I could use:
DS-21. Carl Crawford
60YOT-117. Longoria/Price
TT2-18. Phillips
TT2-45. Prado
Diamonds: 416, 541

Shoot me an email (see my profile) if you are interested and hopefully we can work something out!