Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh You Silly NHL.

A 6.30 puck drop? Really, NHL? What about us mid-westerners who are stuck at work? You're killing me!

Looks like someone is going to be streaming from work!


Captain Canuck said...

didn't you get the memo????

the world revolves around those in the eastern time zone.

the rest of us losers can suck it.

night owl said...

I hardly call starting championship games at 9 p.m. EST as the world revolving around the eastern time zone.

The truth is the world revolves around the almighty buck, or more accurately, the TELEVISION world revolves around the almighty buck. TV broadcasting companies have zero regard for any viewers, no matter where they live, except when it comes to "how can we attract the most eyes to our product?"

That's why you see the times that you do.

Justin G. said...

Night Owl - that's the truth, but I find it funny that the NHL pushed up a game featuring two US fan bases (including a somewhat rabid, if sometimes delusional Washington crowd) for a game between Nashville and Vancouver.

Major League Baseball and their refusal to have day World Series games is perhaps the biggest culprit of chasing the almighty dollar.