Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Better Late Than Never - Stone Cold Locks For This Season

For the second season I'd like to bring in a guest prognosticator. After a semi-successful first stint my former co-worker SCL Mike looks into his crystal ball and lets us know what is going to happen.

He actually sent these to me a week ago, but I've been too lazy to post it. To make up for it I made that awesome logo above. My MS Paint skills grow by the day.

Let's not waste any more precious

I will first start out with the Rays SCL for individual players:

BJ Upton will hit 280 with at least 15 home runs and 40 SB’s

Manny Ray will hit 300+ with over 30 hr’s and 100+ rbi’s

Johnny Damon will hit 270.

Evan Longoria will hit the usual 290 but up the HR’s to 30+ and bust many caps with his new AK-47

Price will only have 12-15 wins

Neimann will win 15

Shields will win 16+ and have a huge rebound year.

Hellickson will Dominate

And the Dark Horse SCL for the year will be Brignac hitting 280+ while playing over 130 games at SS, erasing any memory of fan favorite Bartlett.

Now on to the AL east SCL’s :

The Red Sox will be a decent team, but with people in Boston treating CC worse than the hicks here treating BJ, CC will hit 280 with 12 hr’s and miss 20+ games due to injury. Adrian Gonzales will have a decline in stats while adjusting to the AL. The Staff, still relying on Beckett and Lackey will be subpar. They will have 2 huge injuries to star players, and not make the playoffs. Eat on that Peter Gammons.

The Yankees will have a rebound. Sabathia will roll through the AL and win the CY young. Burnett will have a good year, and Rivera will not be an effective closer. Look for their hitters to rebound and big years will come from Texiera, Arod, and granderson. AL EAST Champs.

The Rays will take the Wild card. Manny is going to be a media darling. The people who made these shirts will make millions:

The Blue Jays will be solid, but not put it together again, look for 85 wins.

Orioles will stumble again, but they will come on strong in the end. 83 wins max.

Lock that up!

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