Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Good Ol' Yankees Trade Bait

Update....both cards are gone.

To celebrate the best O's opening weekend since 1997, I've decided to post some bait for Yankee fans. Actually I was digging through some boxes at the old homestead and stumbled across these two cards.

In order to purify my collection from the stain of Yankee-ness I offer them up to you, my dear readers. Whatever you want to offer let me know - we'll work something out.

Just a fair warning - I am 99.9% sure I packed these in my suitcase. If not it might take an extra couple of days to send them up to me in Chicago.

First up is a Derek Jeter Pacific Omega EO Portraits. I have no idea what year it is (the card is hopefully in my checked baggage as I type this up). But it's a pretty cool card. To the right of the Yankees' logo, Jeter's face is pictured, but it's made up of tiny little holes punched into the card. Good stuff!

Second is a Gary Sheffield Grand Old Gamers Jersey. Again I don't have much more detail, but hey look it's a jersey card!

Oddly enough, both of these cars came from my days of busting re-package boxes from Toys R' Us of all places.

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BA Benny said...

I'm in for both those cards if you still have them. I have an 06 Bowman Heritage Brian Roberts bat card I can send you and I will find some other stuff as well.