Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Trade Post.... One deal and three sets are completed

I primarily consider  myself a set collector. The only problem with that - I'm horrible at actually finishing off sets. My attention is usually diverted by something else roughly 85% of the way through any given set. One of my goals this year is to clean some sets up and finish them off, especially any set that I'm at least 90% of the way through.

With that in mind I made an offer on TCDB to user mfeik for a 2003 Topps Ichiro Award Winner card which was the last one I needed to complete that wonderfully blue-bordered set. While building the trade I noticed he also had the one last 1990 Donruss card (it's always been one more card with that damn set).  I had some random Tigers cards he needed so we worked out a deal.

Yesterday they showed up in the mail.

I appreciate any Ichiro card that I can add to my collection. He may not have been the best baseball player I've ever watched live, but he is definitely the most graceful. Everything he did had a casual elegant smoothness to it. He never seemed hurried or our of sorts. God damn, he was fun to watch.

A card I didn't even know I didn't have until I started paging up The Red Menace. That was not a great collecting day. There are over 2500 1990 Donruss cards under my roof right now and not one of them was of the first (only?) man to strike out 5,000 major league hitters. It's quite satisfying to finally put that set to rest.

Wait...the title said three sets were completed? Which one was the third?

Well, mfeik was gracious enough to throw in a few extras. Along with three 2006 Topps cards I needed he knocked off the last three 1988 Topps cards I needed. Yup, that one only took 32 years to finish/ Along with Julio Franco (#683) and Jim Acker (#678) came this card:

The Bash Brothers in their prime bashing years. Twelve-year-old Justin would have been stoked to pull this card out off a pack. 

Thank you mfeik for helping out. According to TCDB I have 17 more sets that are over 90% complete.  Hopefully I can focus on them for a bit and knock that list down a bit more.


blog reader bruce said...

If you list the 17 sets that you are > 90%, then your blog readers who are on TCDB can make you trade offers on TCDB.

Matt said...

I've got a page on my blog dedicated to sets I'm close to finishing. It's been very helpful! Congrats on completing 3 sets!

Base Card Hero said...

Congrats! I am working on an 88 set myself. I also have a ton of 75% completed sets sitting in binders. At least they get attention with TCDB trades coming in all the time.

Justin G. said...

Bruce - I'm kind of working on them one at a time while I finish uploading my collection. Once I'm all set I'll probably flip all of them onto my want list.

Matt - Thanks!

Base Card - that 88 set took forever. It wasn't one of my favorite designs so I wasn't super focused on it, plus every time I thought I was done with it, I found another card I needed.