Monday, February 13, 2017

Is it time to invest in a Steven Stamkos Rookie Card?

Simple question - Should I buy a Steven Stamkos rookie card right now?

For the most part, values of hockey cards tend to stay fairly flat. While there might be a ton of fluctuation upon their release, they tend to find a level after a few months. Barring any career ending injuries or absolute overproduction of cards (Jaromir Jagr) a superstar player’s rookie card will slowly increase in value over time.

For the numerical break down read the rest of the post over at RawCharge.

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Chris said...

I don't know that any hockey RC would be a great investment, as you said the values too often stay flat. It seems like the only RC's with growth potential are under-the-radar young scorers who aren't #1 picks (especially if they play in a big market) or goalies who ride the bench for a while before starting.

That said, if you want a Stamkos RC for your PC or an investment, now is the time to buy. Stamkos and TB will both come back strong next year and, unless he's just horribly unlucky with injuries, he's still on his way to 500+ goals and a HOF career.