Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nothing to Say - Just an Old Fashioned Giveaway

So as my birthday rolls around it's time to figure out what I'm going to do over the next year of my life.  Since curling up in a ball and bemoaning my lost childhood is not really an option I guess I'll have to go in a different direction.  One thing I would like to do is pare down my collection.

A couple of weeks I went down to the Florida HQ to clean out my condo for a new renter.  That meant moving a closet full of cards. I have too many cards.  Waaaay too many cards.  And now they're cluttering up my in-laws closet.  Which isn't cool.  Not much I can do about that right now, especially since we have no room in Chicago for them. So for now I can only get rid of what I have on me here in the Windy City.

My goal over the next year is give, trade or sell 5,000 cards.  A somewhat lofty goal I think, but something that should be doable (and make the Duchess happy). I'll be keeping track on the blog (thinking somewhere over there to the right, probably where I used to track my TTM autos).

The best way to get started, in my opinion is to give away a set that's been sitting on my desk for a couple of months.  It's the Upper Deck 25th Anniversary USA Baseball set.

It's open (hey I had to see if there was a Carl Crawford autograph) but complete.  That means the lucky recipient will receive the entire 200 card set, 3 autographs, 1 memorabilia card and 1 pin (of what appeared to be a puzzle to put together.

All you have to do to win is be the first person to post in the comments below the answer to the following question:

Which former Team USA star was drafted in first round by the Orioles, hit .305 in his first 110 atbats with the O's, then suffered injuries that prevented him from living up to the Rickey Henderson comparison bestowed on him by former Baltimore great Frank Robinson.

bonus hint - he ended up playing for six major league teams over parts of 12 seasons.

First correct answer posted in comments wins!


Greg Zakwin said...

Jeffrey Hammonds

Justin G. said...

Well now Greg, that was fast. Shoot me your address at yerf (at) and I'll send the cards out.

Thanks for playing!

Greg Zakwin said...

They don't call me quick-draw for nothing. That doesn't apply to anything but contests though....

Anyways, woooo! E-mail sent!

Yahoo hates me sometimes, so please check your spam and let me know if you don't see anything.