Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lightning Card of The Week - National Hockey Card Day (Canada)

2011-12 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day Steven Stamkos #9

Perhaps the only thing that I'm lazier about than my writing is my trading.  Ninety-percent of the time I receive cards before I even think about finding the cards I need to send out.  Recently I had a rash of trades where I offered cards I didn't even have. Okay, it wasn't really a rash, it was two trade, but they happened right in a row and made me feel like my mind was going. Luckily the trades were with folks I had dealt with before so I don't think I lost too much credibility in the trading world.

What does any of that have to do with young Mr. Stamkos?  Nothing, but I figured you needed to know that.

It is indeed the Canadian day of hockey cards. A special set of cards will be available only in hockey shops around the country which means I have to rely on my Canadian brethren or eBay to pick up this year's version of Stamkos' card.  I haven't seen a checklist yet (lazy) but I'm assuming he is the only member of the Lightning that is represented in the set.

Next week will be the United States turn to celebrate hockey cards and I'll be celebrating by standing out in the cold at Soldier Field for the Hockey City Classic.  In lieu of the NHL hosting an outdoor game I figured a day of outdoor college hockey would be just as good.

As of right now there is a 76.4% chance I'll write about it.

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