Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chicago Photo 13 - Spring Time Is Early

Ahh... Spring time in the Windy City, it's not a bad part of the year.  Hopefully, this isn't a false Spring and the 70+ degree weather sticks around for a little bit longer.  I snapped this one a couple of days ago when I went for a little walk.

It was the first day of the tempatures rising about 70 and there were plenty of folks taking advantage of it.  All along the Lakeshore trail people were running, biking and rollar blading.  Yes, people still rollarblade - and yes they do look like people who thought the 90's were a very good decade and don't want to leave it behind.

Today is Saint Patrick's Day and we breifly discussed heading downtown to watch the dying of the river, but a late night at the fights along with a bad night of sleep quashed that idea.  Hey lady screaming outside on the street at 3 in the morning - tone it down a notch.  We don't care what happened to your car and I doubt squealling about it at the top of your lungs helped the situation.

Well, time to shut the computer down and enjoy this weather.

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