Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Links

So since I'm being extremely lazy these days you're not even getting a post out of me. Instead you're getting a link.

Check out Up in the Air with Mike Bockwinski.

He's an old roommate of mine, big soccer fan and currently in South Africa watching his team - Argentina play. He is also the world's Karma-iest person. Case in point, he heads to the game yesterday and runs into Steve Nash. Not the first time he's run into famous folk.

Not sure how often he'll be able to update, but when he does it should be enjoyable.

Any who, enjoy.


Enjoy Clint "The Little Rooster" Dempsey spittin' some ryhmes.

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--David said...

I am assuming her phone is on vibrate...

Word Verification: IMONSON - as in: I'm On, Son! I thought it went well with the photo...