Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dear God! That's The Hopeful Chase's Music!!!!

I still can't say that I'm out of my writing doldrums, but I'm going to give it a shot and firing this site back up.  Let's start off easy with a little street art:

It's street art and not vandalism as long as I call it that, right?

The lockout continues to drone on and now we're looking at the next round of cancellations probably happening some time next week and killing games in December.  If there is no agreement in the next two weeks there is a good chance that the season will be axed.  Sad news for NHL fans.  Although, who knows, maybe I'll finally get around to learning a second language.  Since the lockout has started in September I've managed to:

- write one column
- get promoted at work
- get married (probably should have listed this one first)
- book a trip to kayak with Orcas
- plan a golf outing to Myrtle Beach
- destroy my sleeping habits by working overnights three times a week
- start and finish a Charles Dickens book.

So I can't say it's all been bad (especially the whole marriage thing). Now, imagine if I invested the two hours a night/three times a week into something like learning French.  I'd learn it in no time, right?  Instead I dedicate that time to watching more Netflix (but hey I was able to watch the entire run of "Undeclared" in a week!)

Sadly I'm starting to run out of series to watch so I think it is time to be productive with all of this free time.  Plus, it's starting to get cold up here in Chicago.

Well, stick around.  Hopefully there will be more content coming soon.

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shoeboxlegends said...

I'm sure you've probably already done so, but if not definitely give The League a watch. First three seasons are on Netflix streaming and season 4 is on FX now. Maybe the funniest show currently on TV in my humble opinion...