Sunday, December 4, 2011

Time to Clean House - 2011 Topps Insert Trade Bait!

As baseball card collectors know, 2011 was the year of the insert glut.  Soooo many different insert sets were placed in Topps base product alone that it was nigh on impossible to collect all of them. Therefore, I chose to collect none of them.  Since they are taking up limited space, I've decided to trade/give away all of my non-Orioles inserts.  Check out the list below, let me know what you want and we'll work something out. 

Don't be shy in asking either.  If you want them all, tell me you want them all and we'll make a deal.

DS 23 - Josh Johnson
DS - 1 Evan Longoria
Diamond Parallels:
296 - John Buck
441- Rafael Furcal
459 - Frank Francisco
78 - Mike Stanton
180 - Paul Maholm
189 - Kerry Wood
191 - JayBruce

Kimball Champions:
KC-10 Ichiro
KC-1 Ubaldo Jimenez
KC-19 Brandon Morrow
KC- 28 Mike Stanton
KC -29 Jered Weaver
KC-32 Alex Rios

CMGR-20 Lou Gehrig 1932 U.S. Caramel
BTT2 - Christy Mathewson American Tobacco 1911: T205
CMGR - 8 Cy Young 1911 T205

HOT - 5 Topps Goes Public
HOT -7 Topps Reintroduces Bowman
MBC1 - Mickey Mantle Chrome Insert
THP26 - Pedro Alvarez
THP28 - Justin Upton
THP16 - Cliff Lee
THP7 - Chase Utley
Topps Gold -#554 Cedric Hunter 1786/2011

T60-2 Andre Dawson
T60-37 Stephen Strasburg
T60-100 Albert Pujols
T60-82 Shane Victorino
T60-8 Felix Hernandez
T60-63 Evan Longoria
T60-9 Ian Kinsler
T60-11 Troy Tulowitzki
T60-27 David Wright

DD-2 Utley/Cano
DD-12 Tulowitzki/Ramirez
DD-27 Johnson/Verlander
DD-10 Gonzalez/Youklis
DD-18 Halladay/Hernandez
DD-LJ Larkin/Jeter
DD-BY Boggs/Youklis
DD-CS Carlton/Sabathia
DD-KA Kinsler/Andrus

60 Years of Topps
Paul Molitor - Original Back
Mariano Rivera - Original Back
#140 Reggie Jackson
#695 Rod Carew
#193 Calrton Fisk
#595 Nolan Ryan
#97 Curt Schilling
#459 Mike Piazza/Ivan Rodriguez/ Jason Kendall

60 YOT #100 Vlad Guerrero
60 YOT #290 Stan Musial
DD-BW Berkman/Wallace

Not pictured - a slew of Topps Town cards:

TT-5 Roy Halladay
TT-7 Joe Mauer
TT-9 Adam Jones
TT-19 Andrew McCutchen
TT-25 Ryan Howard
TT-28 David Ortiz
TT-37 Billy Butler
TT-38 Justin Verlander
TT-41 Carlos Santana
TT-45 Hanley Ramirez x2
TT49 - CC Sabathia x2
TT2-12Justin Morneau
TT2-19 Victor Martinez
TT2-35 Ian Kinsler


night owl said...

All I want is the Rafael Furcal diamond parallel. Send me an email and I'll find something for you

wickedortega said...

both Mike Stanton's and the Mick card please

FanOfReds said...

I saw this late - but if you have anything leftover from my want list I'd love to trade for any/all of them!

Stealing Home said...

im interested in:

CMGR-20 Lou Gehrig 1932 U.S. Caramel
BTT2 - Christy Mathewson American Tobacco 1911: T205
CMGR - 8 Cy Young 1911 T205

lets talk in email.