Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Calling Them Out

Upper Deck
In The Game

If this isn't on a slab of cardboard next year then someone dropped the ball.

Photo by Phil Ellsworth/ NHLI via Getty Images

For the record I think it was an iffy penalty at best. Skinner's  Brandon Sutter's only option was to stop and Stamkos still would have plowed him into Garon. Then, again if the 'Canes hadn't blown a two-goal lead they wouldn't have been in overtime in the first place.

My Pappy used to tell me, if you're in a position where an official decides the game then you don't deserve the win. I think it was my dad, sounds like something he would say since he was a umpire and all.


dogfacedgremlin said...

ITG won't unless a miracle NHL license is pulled out of thin air. That looks more like a Pinnacle shot.

Fuji said...

Awesome photo... the question is: Should it be a Skinner or Garon card?

Justin G. said...

DFG - ITG could do a nice air-brushed gimick and slap a triple patch on it and I'd buy it. I agree with it being a Pinnacle-esque shot.

Fuji - I think a Skinner card or some insert set. There has been enough goalie collisions this year for there to be a "crashing the net" insert.

Nick B. said...

Pretty sure it's not a Skinner card since it's actually Brandon Sutter that's crashing into Garon's face. Just sayin!

And I hope Topps uses it in their first Topps Chrome Hockey release, I could really go for some hockey refractors of current players.

Justin G. said...

Nick - thanks for the heads up. Sutter/Skinner - whatever!

What's this about Topps Chrome? Are they getting a license again?