Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time For Some Trade Updates

It’s time to step away from the hockey scene (noooo you can’t it’s the PLAYOFFS!!!) and check out what has graced my mailbox over the last couple of weeks. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been horribly lazy about trading this year. My goal of reducing the cards I have up here is not being attained. So please, I implore you – take these cards and these cards off of my hands now! I don’t care if you don’t have anything you think I’d like, I need to clear out the space. Especially since I’m going to be adding about 120 Donruss Hockey cards in the near future.

Despite my sloth-like commitment to trading I have managed to arrange a few trades, actually I think my trading partners initiated all of these, and for that I thank them. In no particular order here…we….go.

First up… from not so far away fellow blogger D at Potch Wheeler and the Cardboard Heros sends a new Eddie Murray for the personal collection

It’s a 1991 Bowman showing Eddie in his Dodger whites. A majestic follow through, but I don’t think he got all of it. I’m saying he flew out to center on this one.

Batting second is B.A. Benny. He wanted some Yankees stuff that I would have lit on fire rather than keep. In exchange for two measly cards he fired back some O’s

Sprinkled amidst a fine collection of O’s were a trio of O’s outfielders. A 1991 Mike Deveraux, a 1994 Brady Anderson Silver Script and a plaintive looking Steve Finley from the iconic 1989 Upper Deck. Look at that cartoon bird logo – so awesome!

There was also a surprise in the package:

Adam Jones signed Topps Town! AJ spent the week beating the crap out of his former team, the Seattle Mariners. Hopefully the rest of the team will heat up. Speaking of needing to heat up…the centerpiece of the trade:

A Brian Roberts Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness. Now something I just noticed on this card. On the front it says it’s an “authentic game worn jersey”. If so that must be one hell of an uncomfortable jersey, because it is most definitely a piece of wood. Flipping it over confirms that it was supposed to be an “authentic game-used bat relic card”. OMG it’s just like the Frank Thomas 1990 error card! I’m going to be rich! Eh, probably not.

Finally, a few months back I got rid of the rest of my 2010 Allen & Ginter mini inserts. Everyone’s favorite trader, The Wicked One, took some off of my hands. I just wanted one card back, but as we all know that never happens with the Don.

The card I wanted:

A 2005 Donruss Champions of 1983 World Series MVP Rick Dempsey. Look at that nice white space which I hope to put to good use by sending it off to Mr. Dempsey in the mail. I think this thing will look sweet with an on-card signature on it.

Sprinkled amidst some Rays and O’s cards (including some Crawfords I didn’t have) were these three cards:

A 2000 Topps Chrome Harold Baines 20th Century’s Best, a 2006 Bowman Chrome Roberts (probably waiting for a reliever to warm up) and a sweet looking BJ Upton from the 2010 Season Biography insert from Upper Deck.

But the hits aren’t done. From the less famous brother category:

A 2003 Bowman Chrome Joey Gomes Auto. I’ve seen this card around before and thought of picking it up just because I like the way it looks (shiny). Joey is Jonny’s little brother and was drafted by the Rays in 2001. Despite showing some aptitude with the bat (a career .297 hitter in the minors) he never caught on and appears to be bouncing around the Independent League having spent some time in Schaumburg in 2010.

Wait, wait don’t tell me….there’s more!

A Rod Brind’ Amour UD MVP relic. Wait, what? Hey I respect Rod the Bod and enjoy a middle of the name apostrophe as much as the next guy, but I’m not really a Carolina fan. What’s this one-on-one talk? Let’s flip it over and take a look at the other side…

Hey there Brad Richards! (sighs and looks up dreamily) It’s always nice to have a piece of sweater from the former Lightning center and now free agent. Who knows maybe he’ll come back home. Why yes I would very much like to see how a Stamkos, Richards, Downie line would look in the new Lightning uniforms.

Well, thanks to all you traders out there!

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