Monday, September 6, 2010

The Return of Mailbag Monday

Cards in the mail. At this point in life it's one of the few things I look forward to getting in the mail. In order they are:

1. Letter from my girlfriend
2. Letter from my parents
3. CARDS!!!!!
4. Netflix
5. Random coupon from neighborhood eatery
6. Bills
7. Bills
8. Bills

This batch of three actually went to my Florida address and my awesome girlfriend brought them with her on our quick weekend in Boston. They were courtesy of the Topps Million Card Giveaway. I am enjoying the promotion, especially trying to pull off lunatic deals for mid-90's junk (yup I'm that guy). I had to engineer trades to pull these three particular cards and decided to cash in on them because they fit a few needs in my collection.


In clockwise order starting with the right hand corner

1985 Topps Floyd Rayford. The expression on his face tells me that he had valiantly tried to make contact but failed, possibly during one of his 51 strikeouts in 1984. The back of the card informs me that Honey Bear Played three seasons at Manuael Arts High School in LA and was named All-City twice and MVP once.

1987 Topps Floyd Rayford. Chin tucked under his lead shoulder, top elbow "up" making little league coaches across the country happy, he looks ready to strike. Perhaps this was just prior to unleashing one of his 8 homeruns. The back of the card, a fountain of info as always, tells me that one of Floyd's hobbies involves electric trains. Good for him!

1963 Topps Dick Brown. I'm not sure, but I believe this card just became the oldest Oriole card in my collection. Dick Brown came from the Tigers in an offseason trade. He had also played for the Indians and Whitesox before coming to Detroit.

He would play part time in 1963 before usurping John Orsino as the starter for the next two seasons. Not a beacon of power he clubbed total of 15 homeruns for the Birds.

A brain tumor would force him to retire after the 1965 season, not allowing him to experience the clubs first World Series win in 1966. He would serve as a scout for them until his premature death in 1970.

His brother Larry Brown would also play one season for the Orioles in 1973.

Who was Dick Brown traded for? Whitey Herzog and Gus Triandos.

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