Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spanning the Borders of North America - It's Trading Time!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted around here.  I’ve been struggling with a bit of writers block, and a huge amount of sheer laziness.  Now that I know I’m going back to work in a couple of days, the need to be productive with my time has flown out of the window.  I’m not going to lie, it feels a little like the last week of summer of vacation.  It’s time to start squeezing in as much laziness as possible (Monday’s schedule consists of sitting on the couch and mainlining Cheez-whiz straight from the bottle while watching the Star Wars trilogy).

One of the few productive things I HAVE been doing is rocking the card trading world.  From Canada to California the cards have been streaming in.  Actually, just those two places.  Still it’s not bad.  The best part is that the two traders have really helped knock out some needs from the ol’ Heritage want list. There is nothing I like more than getting cards for nothing…or what I consider nothing. 

First up some cards from the fine gentleman from the north – Captain Canuck.  He saw a couple of Heritage cards that I had on my trade list and promised to send some in return that I needed.  After receiving his envelope, I’m glad that I found some extra cards on his want list that he claims he needs.  What did he send me?

In addition to the Heritage and some 1990 Topps that I needed he threw in a couple of extra Lightning cards capped off with……

Nice card of the captain (image from zistle)

How’s that for a sweet swatch of sweatery goodness? The card comes from one of the few ITG higher-end sets that includes Lightning relics. It’s a silver level black piece of jersey from the “Captains” set that ITG released earlier this year. Now that’s how you do non-licensed cards. my friends!

Also received this week from Woody – a reader who I’m not sure has a blog – a straight up Heritage for Heritage trade.  For some of the dupes that I had he offered to let me pick six or seven cards that I needed. 

Chances are this pitch was 90 MPH and a strike - image from personal collection

My boy Koji had to be one of them! Even if he’s not in an O’s uniform it’s an awesome card, especially since it’s designed as a “night card”. 

Thanks for the cards, guys!

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